Decked Out

Decked Out

Workshop: Michael Meredith Aboveground Pool

Term: Winter 2016

Critic: Michael Meredith

Teammate: Jeisler Salunga

No. 1 The project is to design an “architectural” aboveground swimming pool for a small community to use seasonally.
No. 2 The aboveground pool’s site is indeterminate.
No. 3 The aboveground pool is temporary and economical.
No. 4 The aboveground pool is an object to be repeated.
No. 5 The aboveground pool is for a diverse group to enjoy.
No. 6 The aboveground pool should engage in “aesthetics of indifference”.

Traditionally, the aboveground pool is considered a temporary addition. This project understands the aboveground pool as the focal point, and the house which surrounds it as the temporary “add-on”.

Decks composed of primitive shapes are broken into quadrants, and each is assigned a definite program – bedroom, kitchen, living, and hallway. Decks are then populated with generic, fixed furniture which corresponds to the assigned program. Decks can then be added to the aboveground pool to fit the needs of the consumer. The pool deck could be composed of all hallway decks or two bedroom decks, a kitchen deck and a hallway deck – there are 256 deck arrangement possibilities.

While four decks combined around the pool complete the circle, the addition of staircases and outhouses provide possibility for disruption, causing places of separation and overlap.

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