Course: Clemson University Creative Inquiry – “The Elements of Teaching”
Term: Spring 2014
Instructors: Dan Harding and John Jacques
Teammates: Clair Dias, Danielle Jakubowski, Neely Leslie, Sean Morrissey, Adam Roark, Caroline Smith

Vegi is a “pop-up” greenhouse designed as a hands-on tool for learning.  Durable and easy to assemble, Vegi enables children to learn through curiosity and experimentation.


Vegi Cut Sheet

Vegi is cut from 4×8 sheets of corrugated plastic, and two greenhouses can be cut from one sheet. The greenhouse consists of only three separate pieces which are folded together, so that Vegi can be assembled without the use of any tools – not even scissors. Vegi can also be unfolded and flattened for easy storage. Corrugated plastic is waterproof so that the greenhouse may be used indoors or outdoors. The translucent material is also ideal for absorbing heat and creating a humid environment for the plants which live inside.

Vegi Branding

Vinyl labels which are numbered and placed on corresponding tabs assist in assembly so that no additional paper instructions are required.

Vegi Greenhouse

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